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November 23: New Cookbook Offers Sensuous and Delicious Tour of Ireland

October 20: Powerful Novel Aims to Bring Attention to “Bullycide”

October 19: Can Distance Really Make a Marriage Stronger?

October 15: Powerful Novel Encourages Readers Through Season of Hardship

September 22: 10 Steps for Fighting Life’s Battles Successfully

August 6: Prayer: More than Just Words Before Dinner

August 3: Learning to Trust God When Life Spirals Out of Control

July 19: Pastor Encourages Christians to Live Bold, Daring, Courageous Lives of Faith

July 18: Child with One Leg Beats the Odds and Kicks Cancer, Too

July 17: New Children’s Book Champions Creativity and Imagination

May 28: Book Tells Story of Jesus Through New Perspective

May 1: Good Samaritan Shot By Mugger Experiences Miraculous Healing

April 5: Pastor’s New Book Offers Relief From the Busyness of Life

April 4: Book Chronicles Life and Impact of Prominent Ex-Gay Christian

April 3: Wickedness of Sexual Abuse in Christian Church Exposed in New Book

March 20: Solo Hiking Trip Transforms Young Woman’s Life

March 16: New Book Uses Loveable Yellow Lab to Teach Water Safety

February 1: Children’s Book Fights Against Growing Oral Health Crisis

January 30: Fireball Missionary Spends 65 Years Advancing Gospel

January 1: Would You Choose Him All Over Again?


November 7: Gripping Novel Follows Young Orphan As She Navigates Tragedy

November 1: A Donkey’s Little Tale Provides Touching Account of Christ’s Birth

October 24: New Book Teaches Kids How to Biblically Combat Bullying

October 16: Military Spouses Open Up About Fears, Worries and Stress of Military Life

October 15: New Cookbook Serves Up Generous Helpings of Faith and Food

October 1: Heart-Wrenching Novel Tells Story of Christmastime Kidnapping

September 2: Movie Executive Reveals Remarkable Story in New Memoir

August 1: Shelter Dogs Star in New Children’s Book

July 9: Ambassador International Sponsoring Allume Conference for Women

June 30: New Book Offers Biblical Guide for Being a Powerful Last-Day Christian

May 30: Orphanage Worker Gives Honest, Heart-Wrenching Account of Massive Haiti Earthquake

May 15: New Book Aims to End “Civil War” Among Christians

May 9: Declutter Every Area of Your Life in Just 8 Weeks

May 2: Accountant-Turned-Adventurer Finds Faith and Love in South Africa

April 14: Pastor Issues Bible Memorization Challenge

April 4: Upstate Donkey Gains Fame with New Children’s Book

March 21: Former PBS Exec Shares Inspirational Stories in New Devotional

February 15: Book Exposes Dangers of Legalism

February 14: Author Shares Life’s Twisted, Unpredictable Journey in New Book

January 10: New Book Gives Pathway to Christian Maturity


November 10: Professor Reveals His Drift into Doubt

November 1: New Book Gives Teens “A Map for the Middle”

October 30: Secrets and Forbidden Love Surface in New Historical Novel

October 18: Letting Revelation Change the Way You Live

September 27: Fast-Paced Spiritual Thriller Shares True Story of Survival for Christian Family in Communist Romania

September 5: Tiny Mouse Plays Big Role in the Christmas Story

September 1: Renowned Cookbook Author Releases New Collection of Authentic Irish Christmas Recipes

August 23: New Children’s Book Teaches Young Readers the Importance of Making Choices

August 15: Fantasy Author Takes Readers on Epic Journey of Self Discovery

July 25: Author Uses His Life Experience to Show the Healing Power of God

July 15: Author Uses the Stories of Nine Adopted Cats to Share God’s Word

June 23: New Book Explores Christian Response to Pain

June 19: Pastor Makes Plea to Church to Rethink Approach to Homosexuality

May 16: Children’s Book Shares the True Story of a Water Skiing Baby

May 15: New Book Helps Families Love Those Suffering With Depression

May 5: Farm Animals Encourage Children to be Unique

May 1: Former Prisoner Uses Experience to Help Others Survive the Justice System

April 25: Book Takes Readers on Intimate Spiritual Journey

April 19: Secrets and Romance Surface in Majestic Alaska

April 17: Ambassador International Honors the Life and Legacy of George Beverly Shea

April 15: How a Cricket Changed the World

April 1: Veteran Missionary Shares Experiences Among Cannibalistic Tribes

March 18: Novel Features Heartwarming and Heart-Stopping Adventures of First-Year Teacher

March 6: Publisher Connects Book Clubs Directly With Authors

March 3: Novel Addresses Hardships Facing Military Families

February 25: Romance and Suspense Collide in New Christian Thriller

February 7: Eight Mothers Connected by One Doctor Share Their Stories of Life After Loss

January 23: New Children’s Book Encourages Young Readers to Help the Needy

January 18: Romance, Adventure, and Faith Unite in New Novel

January 15: Novel Explores Life of Woman Healed by Touching Jesus’ Garment


December 15: Children’s Book Combines Entertainment and Learning Tools

December 5: New Book Shares Fictional Account of Devastating 1913 Ohio Flood

November 29: Novel Explores the Power of Writing Upon One’s Inner Journey

November 5: Single Author Hopes to Encourage Other Unmarrieds

October 30: New Novel Address Race Issues in the American South

October 23: Life in the Special Needs World the Central Focus of New Novel

October 15: Business Parable Offers Leadership Insight Through Captivating Story

October 9: The Last Remaining Christians Fight to Survive in New Political Thriller

September 21: Christian School Movement Must Face Realities, Needs Transformation According to New Book

September 2: Find Greatness in Ordinary Moments With New Book

September 1: “Real Faith” is a Believer’s Guide to the Christian Faith

August 23: Author Carrie Daws Continues Popular Fiction Series with Ryan’s Crossing

August 6: Renew Your Space & Spirit in 20 Days with a Total Home Makeover

July 31: Transform Every Area of Life with Declutter Now! Uncovering the Hidden Joy & Freedom in Your Life

June 30: New Guidebook Equips Disaster Responders 

June 26: Christian Publisher Ambassador International Launches New Website

June 19: Forgiveness is Not an Option, It’s a Necessity, According to New Book

June 13: Children’s Book Dedicated to Restoring Faith in the American Dream

June 5: New Book Offers Biblical Care for Christian Marriages in Crisis

April 2: Collection of Inspirational Life Stories Challenge Women of All Ages and Every Walk of Life

March 30: Series of Devotionals Offers Insight for Coaches, Pastors and Leaders

March 30: New Devotional Uses Photography, Poetry and Scripture to Communicate God’s Beauty, Splendor

February 16: Bachelor Pad Winner Holly Durst Releases First Children’s Book

February 1: Cookbook Author Transports Readers to the Irish Countryside with Latest Cookbook

January 31: Truth of Fallen Angels, Giants, UFO’s Revealed in New Book

January 25: New Christian Novel Explores Bond of Brotherhood

January 18: New Christian Novel Explores Importance of Truth and Family

January 15: New Book Reveals Christian Testimonies of Major League Baseball Players


November 28: Resource Helps Grieving Find “New Normal” in 30 Days

November 16: Author Puts an End to Generations of Domestic Abuse, Alcoholism

October 24: New Cookbook Invites Readers on Culinary Journey from Northern Ireland to the American South

September 26: South Carolina Doctor Reveals One Patient’s Profound Impact in New Book

September 9: New Book Reveals Secrets of a Personal Shopper

September 1: Upstate Donkey Gains Fame With New Children’s Book

August 26: Devastating Car Crash, Encounter with a Drunk Doctor and House Fire Among Woman’s Most Powerful Life Moments

August 25: Missionary Shares Gospel in Cannibalistic Areas

July 25: New Biography Reveals Darker Side of Amish Culture

July 19: Former Addict Helps Others Embrace Life Beyond Sobriety

June 28: Eating Disorders Experiencing Unprecedented Growth

June 13: Young Widow Hopes to Encourage Other Caregivers

April 15: Living Christian Faith like Living in a Hurricane

March 30: New Book Parallels Christian Faith and Running


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Author leaves corporate comforts to serve homeless and prisoners

For immediate release: Jim Brissey spent 16 years rubbing elbows with Mister Rogers, Captain Kangaroo and Cookie Monster during his time at PBS. But one day while sitting at a traffic light God instructed him to leave his cushy lifestyle and six-figure income to work full-time in ministry. “I resigned from my job the next morning,” recalls Brissey. “It was the best decision of my life.” After nearly two decades in ministry Brissey created a collection of meditations, poems and stories in the new devotional A Shepherd’s Heart (Ambassador International; March 2014; $11.99, paperback).

A Shepherd's HeartAs the Senior Pastor of Higher Ground Ministries Brissey serves in many areas of the community, including prison ministry. Brissey and his team have held hundreds of meetings in 12 different prisons in the US and two in Honduras. One of the book’s powerful passages tells the story of Manny Valle, a man convicted of killing a police officer during a traffic stop more than 30 years ago. After meeting with Valle regularly  Brissey led him to Christ and prayed with Valle’s family during his 2011 execution. “Just a few days before he was executed I spent a few hours with Manny,” says Brissey. “He was clothed in the peace that passes all human understanding.”

A Shepherd’s Heart received many endorsements from recognizable names including Bob D’Andrea, Founder of the Christian Television Network; Bill Glass, College Football Hall of Famer and Champions for Life Founder; and Murf the Surf, the world’s most famous reformed jewel thief and Christian speaker. Gigi Graham, Billy Graham’s daughter said of The Shepherd’s Heart, “These stories inspired, encouraged, challenged and blessed me.”

About the Author: Jim Brissey and his wife Jean are Senior Pastors of Higher Ground Ministries in DeLand, Fl. Jim earned his Bachelor of Biblical Studies through Omega Seminary. Jean is a graduate of Spirit Life School of Theology. The couple has been married for 37 years. Jim and Jean have spearheaded hundreds of outreaches throughout the U.S. and abroad and have witnessed thousands giving their hearts to Jesus.

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