Author Carrie Daws Continues Popular Fiction Series with Ryan’s Crossing

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Ryans CrossingChristian Novel Follows Main Character Through Difficult Decisions About Life and Love

For immediate release: After ten years, Ryan’s runaway sister has been found. He heads to the town of Crossing to meet Amber, but as one mystery is solved more questions are created: Should he stay in Crossing? Should he pursue the cute brunette? Will God tell him what choices to make? Ryan’s Crossing (Ambassador International; August 2012; $11.99/paperback) is the second Christian novel by author Carrie Daws, who starts each book with an integral Bible verse. “The verse is the central theme, the guiding light for the main character,” says Daws. “I suppose you could consider it the life verse of the novel.”

Following in the steps of Daws’ debut novel Crossing Values, readers will find a free book club discussion guide as well as a character list available at These tools will help book clubs, small groups and individual readers delve further in to the themes and characters of Ryan’s Crossing.

Ryan’s Crossing is the second installment in what Daws says will be a four-part series. Daws is already gaining recognition for her writing style and story lines, as seen by recent online reviews:

“A good book is one you enjoy–a great book is one you can’t stop reading! I finished this book in one day because I could not put it down and just had to find out the ending! I can’t wait for the next book to see how the characters grow–as a matter of fact I can’t wait for ANY book Carrie Daws writes!”  –CJ on Amazon.

“I loved Ms. Daws writing style and fell in love with her concept of one page chapters that had me scrabbling to the next page. I can’t wait for her second book to come out.”     –LauraP on Amazon.

Carrie Daws and her husband live in central North Carolina with their three children. Besides writing fiction novels, she stays busy with homeschooling, working part time, and volunteering within two military ministries.

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