Christian Men of Science: Eleven Men Who Changed the World

by George Mulfinger, Julia Mulfinger Orozco

Genres: Biography, History, Reference

ISBN: 1932307222

321 pages

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In this day of the atheistic or agnostic stereotype that is attached to the man of science, it is refreshing to study the lives of eleven great scientists who professed Christ as their Lord and Savior. In these short biographies, we are presented with a distilled version of each man’s scientific accomplishments and the evidences of his Christian faith. These testimonies demonstrate that true scientists can be genuine Christians, and that faith in God and the authority of the Bible is not a sign of inferior intellect. This includes biographies of Johannes Kepler, Robert Boyle, David Brewster, Michael Faraday, Samuel Morse, Matthew Fontaine Maury, James Clerk Maxwell, Lord Kelvin, Howard Kelley, Henry Morris, and Walt Brown.



George Mulfinger-
George Mulfinger, Jr., became a Christian at the age of twenty-one after years of avowed atheism. He earned his B.A. in chemistry and his M.S. in physics, both from Syracuse University. He pursued additional graduate studies in the physical sciences at Syracuse, Harvard, and the University of Georgia. As a college professor he taught astronomy, geology, philosophy, physics, logic, and cello. He also served on the board of directors of the Creation Research Society, wrote numerous articles demonstrating the fallacies of evolution and co-authored creationist science textbooks.

Julia Mulfinger Orozco-
Julia Mulfinger Orozco is the sixth child of George and Joan Mulfinger. She and her ten siblings grew up under the influence of dedicated Christian parents. Julia graduated with a degree in Humanities from Bob Jones University and has taught English, elementary school, and music. She is the mother of a future scientist (Alan), a musician (George), and a writer (Alejandra). Julia lives in Mexico where her husband pastors a church.