God and the Atheist: A Lawyer Assesses the Evidence for the Existence of God

by Paul Ferguson

Genres: Inspirational, Ministry, Theology

ISBN: 9781932307726

104 pages

Price: $12.99


We are living in an increasingly secular age where man seeks to build his own life without recourse to his Creator God. Under the guise of “rationalism” Christianity is ridiculed as “out of date”or “irrelevant.” God and the Atheist answers the most fundamental questions about Christianity, such as: How do we know there is a God? How do we know there is only one God? How do we know the Bible is the word of God? In each chapter, Paul Ferguson evaluates and sets out the evidence to answer the atheist’s objections to the existence of God. In a readable and humorous style he precisely builds a remorselessly logical case using his legal and scientific skills to guide the objective reader to discover the truth of who God is. Although the discussion often veers into the academic, Ferguson works hard to make it understandable to those without a scientific background.



PAUL FERGUSON was born in Northern Ireland and studied Biochemistry at Queen’s University, Belfast and Law at King’s College, University of London. He practiced Corporate Law for five years in London and has been a lecturer in Law and British History in various universities in South East Asia. He completed a Doctorate in Theology at Foundations Bible Seminary in Dunn, North Carolina. Married to Cheryl, they have one daughter and are based in Singapore where Paul serves in the ministry at Jesus Saves Mission, Singapore.