Never Before Never Again: Getting Your Feet Wet in Missions

by Ray Rempt

Genres: Ministry, Mission

ISBN: 9781932307740

142 pages

Price: $10.99


Never Before Never Again is about an opportunity for all Christians to become involved in the most significant missions opportunity since Pentecost. The retiring of the baby boomers, coupled with the fact that the whole world is clamoring to learn English are issues that stand up and scream to the English speaking world “Come and help us!” When has there been a better chance for the Gospel? It appeals to those in all walks of life, and shows how all can be meaningfully involved in missions.



Ray Rempt is passionate about lots of things. He is that kind of guy. He is passionate about science, people, his wife and kids, justice, but more than anything else, he is passionate about serving God. He believes everyone has a role to play and makes you believe it, too. This book is engaging, informative, but most of all it is dangerous. If you read it and take up Ray’s challenge, it will change your life!

Floyd McClung
All Nations