Restored: Living and Loving After Abuse

by Dr. Don Woodard

Genres: Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620202593

176 pages

Price: $15.99

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A journey of hope and healing for the abuse victim.
Take back your life!

Abuse! The “not talked about” topic, while many suffer in silence alone. In Restored: Living and Loving after Abuse Dr. Don Woodard offers hope and healing for the abuse victim to see a way to victory with proven life principles to help the abuse victim confront their giants, realize that peace, hope, and victory can be obtained, and that they can live and love again. This book is also an excellent resource for the counsellor and for those who love a victim of abuse.


“For over 20 years, RU Recovery Ministries has been bringing transformation to hurting people and communities affected by addiction. In many of the cases we come across, in one way or another, abuse has been a part of the story. Whether endured or inflicted, abuse has very damaging effects, not only physically and emotionally, but in a person’s spirit as well. Many people involved in an abusive relationship have lost hope of a future or have even accepted the lie that abuse is the life they deserve.

“One of the reasons why I am so excited about “Restored: Living and Loving After Abuse” is that it not only provides a practical journey to freedom from abuse, but it also restores hope to the human spirit. Don Woodard has been someone I have respected and would consider a partner in ministry now for over 25 years. His life is one that is lived for others and I know this book will be an encouragement to anyone seeking restoration after a difficult experience with abuse.”
–Benjamin R. Burks,

RU Recovery International Director

“In this wonderfully comforting guide for dealing with abuse, Dr. Woodard gently leads the abused through a process of Scriptural healing. This book is on such a relevant subject and in great need not only in our society but in our churches, as well. It is a great tool for both the abused and the counsellor.”
—Wendyjo S. Householder
Widow / Mother / Missionary with Reformers Unanimous / Counselor to hurting women

“When Don Woodard writes of the hope one can find after abuse, he writes from the expansive ministry experience as a pastor and church leader. Woodard is no theorist; he has more than thirty years of practical, successful experience in counseling those who have been abused, leading them to a close, personal walk with the Saviour, and hope for a new life free from past abuses. I am a personal witness to his success and his own walk having known him and witnessed his life and ministry since he was young teen. I am excited and pleased to know that as you read, you will discover the simple, biblical truths that can transform an abused life and give the freedom from its weight of guilt and oppression.”
—Michael A. Hand, Ph.D.
Partnership Mission Strategist
Oklahoma City, OK

Restored: Living and Loving after Abuse has not only opened my eyes to “letting go and letting God.” It’s also allowed me the opportunity to refresh my heart and strengthen my faith in HIM. In this biblical based self help guide Dr. Woodard has given us an abundance of encouraging truth powered by Scripture for anyone that has struggled or continues to struggle with any form of abuse. The counsel given in this book provides us with a lifetime resource of hope, peace and life.”
—Heather F.
Abuse victim, now victor

“This book has been what I needed, I didn’t know it at the time, I knew I needed help but to live and love again, it wasn’t possible, so I thought. As I started helping out with this book and telling how I felt on things or how I saw things, it began to change me, a transformation was taking place. I found hope, I began to feel at peace and I began to like myself again, I am beginning to see that I can live and love again.”
Mother / Abuse Survivor

“Through the many years of ministry Dr. Don Woodard has realized there are too many lives that have been affected by abuse of some kind and that as a people we are crying out for help. Dr. Don has proven his heart for helping the hurting again in Restored: Living and Loving after Abuse.”
—Melissa Davis
Wife / Mother / Christian Counselor / Gospel Singer / Abuse Survivor

“Dr. Don Woodard’s book will touch and change hearts both of victims of abuse and those who minister love to them. The love of Jesus Christ rises from the pages to lift the hurting and ravaged to newness of life.”
—Dr. Ernie Moore
Retired Pastor / Missions Director / Author

“My good friend Don Woodard has a heart for the Lord and a heart for people, hurting people in particular. Jesus said he came to heal the brokenhearted, today we have hurting people everywhere. People whose lives have been affected by somebody else’s sin, this book will help those victims to begin to heal and discover new joy in life that can be found only in Christ.”
—Pastor Matt Swiatkowski
Kearny, New Jersey

“As an evangelist, there’s hardly a church where I preach for more than a day where I do not meet someone who has suffered for years or decades after being abused. This book will help them or help you help them to get victory over defeat, depression, and broken relationships.”
—Dr. Bruce Miller
Evangelist / Founder of Atlantic Coast Baptist College, Laurel, Delaware

“Daily I endeavor to help teenage girls who have suffered inconceivable circumstances leaving them feeling worthless and hopeless. Restored: Living and Loving after Abuse is a gift from God. Using the Word of God, Dr. Woodard, compassionately guides the broken to a victorious life of hope, love, and happiness through Jesus Christ.”
—Lori Harvey
Missionary with Farmer Christian Girls Home & Academy

“In his book Restored: Living and Loving after Abuse, Dr. Don Woodard has woven a tapestry of love, forgiveness, hope and healing. His skillful use of powerful Scripture, loving and compassionate insight will lead the reader on a journey of self discovery and awareness of the power of love. This book is a must read for anyone who has suffered abuse or has someone in their life that has. I urge you to read this wonderfully written book and discover the life God has richly planned for you, full of love and beauty.”
—Tonda Tayloy-Bently




Dr. Don Woodard has served in the ministry for over thirty years. He has served as a pastor, evangelist, and Christian counsellor. For fifteen years he traveled as an evangelist working extensively with teenagers. He has counseled thousands of people on various issues ranging from emotional abuse to sexual abuse. Woodard has served as a consultant to ministries that serve troubled young people and adults with addictions and behavior challenges. He has an earned Doctorate of Divinity from Carolina Baptist College and has studied Nouthotic counseling.