Selah! Harmony Commentary of the Four Gospels

by Dr. Henry R. Pike

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Reference, Theology

ISBN: 9781620200407

1104 pages

Price: $39.99

Selah! Harmony Commentary of the Four Gospels surveys the life of Christ as recorded in the four Gospels. The exhaustive commentary clearly and concisely presents each Gospel’s themes and lessons, explaining the customs, manners, and symbols surrounding the text. It provides four Gospel overviews, presenting each book’s theology, view of Jesus’ ministry, and divine inspiration, and addresses relevant social, political, religious, and moral issues.

Selah! Harmony Commentary of the Four Gospels contains an appeal for readers to consider their soul’s destiny and hurry to the Son of God for forgiveness and eternal life. If you’re interested in why the Lord Jesus came into the world, what this offers you, and how to prepare for eternity, you’ll find help in this volume.

Selah! Harmony Commentary of the Four Gospels is designed to encourage and stimulate your study and understanding of Jesus Christ.

Key Features:
• Provides a chronological life of Christ harmonized with Matthew’s record
• Discusses relevant historical, social, moral, religious, and political issues
• Contains a detailed subject index and bibliography

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Henry R. Pike holds a PhD in religious education. He is the author of A History of Communism in South Africa—the first comprehensive and definitive book ever written on the subject. Pike’s other work, Suffering and Death: the Saint’s Highest Calling, brings fresh hope and good cheer to thousands of hurting people worldwide. With his wife, Addien, Pike has served as a missionary for more than five decades. Most of their Gospel labors were in Australia and South Africa.