The 7 Indisputable Laws of Financial Leadership: Why Money Management is a Thing of the Past

by Rodney Ballance Jr.

Genres: Business & Finance

ISBN: 9781620202173

112 pages

Price: $13.99


Rodney Ballance, a financial industry insider with over 20 years experience, will reveal secrets the banking, investment, and insurance industries never wanted you to know. Rodney gives readers facts about how money and financial tools really work, and how the very wealthy use these tools to make money work for them.

The Seven Indisputable Laws of Financial Leadership will teach you how to make your money work hard for you, so you don’t have to work so hard for your money.

Financial Leadership and Professor Ballance changed our lives!  We went from having access to no money at the end of the month, to being able to save $800, and increase our spendable income by an additional $230 per month.  We encourage everyone to not just read this book, but to implement Financial Leadership in their lives.”
~David and Trish, New York



Rodney Ballance, Jr. is a personal finance expert, host of radio show Ballancing Your Budget, regular contributor for CBN News Television network, author of “The Love of Money” (2010) and licensed financial professional for over twenty years. He teaches personal finance at an accredited North Carolina University.