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Publishing Standards for General Trade Books:
Ambassador International is a publisher which has a Christian worldview. We publish a range of titles and genres including children’s books, cookbooks, fashion, history, regional, and memoir. Recent published titles include a children’s book, Chocolate Socks by television celebrity Holly Durst; a cookbook, The Shamrock and Peach by owner of the gourmet food company The Ulster Kitchen Judith McLoughlin; a fashion book, What is Beautiful by Tica Tallent; a regional-history book The Scots-Irish of the Carolinas by Billy Kennedy; and a memoir A Basketful of Broken Dishes by Naomi Mullet Stutzman. Ambassador International reserves the right to accept manuscripts based on their literary and marketable merits. The publisher looks for quality of writing that instructs, inspires, and/or entertains the reader. If your proposal appeals to and is suitable for Ambassador International, you will be invited to submit a complete manuscript.

Publishing Standards for Christian Trade Books:
Ambassador International Christian publishing is dedicated to producing theological, devotional, biographical, inspirational, fictional and children’s literature. Ambassador International will not accept works for publication that deny biblical inerrancy, the creation and fall of man, the Trinity, the deity and virgin birth of Christ, Christ’s substitutionary atonement, Christ‘s bodily resurrection, justification of the sinner by faith alone, the personal return of Christ, and biblical miracles.

Ambassador International will assess your work in terms of its adherence to the Bible, its marketability, and its literary merit.

Upon acceptance of your proposal, Ambassador International will discuss a royalty structure with you along with a completed manuscript delivery date. A signed contract between Ambassador International and the author constitutes a binding agreement for publishing the work according to the contractual specifications.

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