5 Things About Author Debbie Gilliland

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Learn more about your favorite Ambassador authors with our “Five Things” series. Author Debbie Gilliland wrote the engaging new contemporary fiction “Mine to Love” and Biblical-based fiction “To Comfort a King.” Here are Debbie’s 5 things:

Although I grew up believing that all people who rode motorcycles were scary gangsters, I now enjoy riding our GoldWing with my husband. Each summer, we plan a “themed” motorcycle getaway within my home state of Iowa.  This summer, it will be an “Iowa Waterfalls Road Trip” in the northeast corner of the state.  We have ridden in pouring rain, whipping winds, and scorching heat, and I still am ready to jump on the bike the next time it pulls out of our driveway.5-things-featured-DEBBIE

While most adults penny pinch and dream of cruises or vacations to beach resorts, my husband and I save our money for the annual “Cousin Week.” That is a week in July when ALL of our grandkids get together to do fun activities with us.  They are still small enough to enjoy spending time with us, and we intend to make the most of these years!  Now that we have nine little folks who call us Grandma and Grandpa (plus one on the way!), transportation has become an issue.  It takes TWO vehicles to get us to all of our fun destinations!

I play the piano. I am not a concert pianist – nowhere close!  But as long as I am in a room completely alone, I could finger the ivories for hours.  Ask me to substitute for the church pianist, however, and my fingers turn to ice.

My kids have double cousins. My brother married my husband’s sister.  The community where I live is just small enough that most everyone knows my sister-in-law and I are related – somehow!  They have trouble remembering which of us is which, and we both have been called the other’s name very often.  But family get-togethers are a breeze – we can schedule with both families at the same time!To Comfort a King

I live in the same county where I grew up. I did sprout independent wings as a senior in high school and attended college in a city, but I chose to come home to small-town Iowa to work and raise my family.  I attend the same church where my parents took me as a child, and it just feels like “home” when I am there.