99¢ SALE: One Day Only!

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For 24 hours we’re offering a non-fiction title for just 99¢! Pick up Renee Metzler’s book Total Home Makeover: A 20-Day Plan to Renew Your Space and Spirit for less than a buck for the Kindle during our one-day sale event. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend and then it will return to regular price. So don’t wait– pick up this book right now for just 99¢ on Kindle.

Total Home MakeoverTotal Home Makeover Synopsis: Total Home Makeover is a complete home management course. During your journey, get yourself, your family and your home all paddling in the same direction, toward order. Travel through three phases:

Phase 1: Transform Self. Learn smart daily and weekly home management routines that create order in the home.
Phase 2: Transform Family. Coach your family to learn and maintain healthy home habits that bring order to the home.
Phase 3: Transform Home. Organize (clear, sort, store) room-by-room to create a functional home with activity zones that meet your family’s needs.

Plus get worksheets (meal planner, chore chart, daily routines, room planner), stories from the author, and a supportive website. Grab a friend, your sister, or your small group and get started on your Total Home Makeover.