99¢ SALE: One Day Only!

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For 24 Hours we’re offering a great fiction title for just $.99! Pick up Andrea Rodgers’ novel The 20th Christmas at a discounted rate for the Kindle during our one-day sale event. After Thursday the price will go up to $2.99 through the weekend, and then it will return to regular price. So don’t wait- pick up this book right now for just $.99 on Kindle!

the20thChristmasThe 20th Christmas has 60 five star reviews on Amazon including this one from Debbie W: “Amazing book! Andrea Rodgers writes incredibly well. She takes what starts as a tragic set of events and leads you through the heartache, happiness, fear, and hope that each person in this story experiences. The Bible tells us that God takes all things and uses them for good, for those that love and obey His commands. Andrea expresses this really well in her book.”

Synopsis: Arianna Tate has a simple and fulfilling life—until four days before Christmas when her young son is kidnapped. For two decades, she grieves the loss of Chase and struggles with her marriage to her husband, Alan.

Meanwhile, Lydia Feller mourns the death of her estranged sister, who spent years living on the streets with mental illness and substance abuse. Lydia adopts the boy that she believes was her sister’s son and raises him in a happy, stable home with her husband, Daniel, and their four children. God works in miraculous ways as, twenty years later, both women’s worlds collide . . .