99¢ SALE: One Day Only!

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Today’s book sale features the new novel by Debbie Gilliland, Mine To Love.  Debbie Gilliland is also the author of the tremendously popular Biblical fiction story, To Comfort a King, and her new book, just 99¢ today, tells the equally touching story of James, a man seeking to overcome past regrets and reconnect with a daughter he’s never known.  After today the book returns to its normal price of $5.99, so pick up your copy today!

mine to loveMine to Love: James Hawthorne, a widowed and recently retired minister, has searched for and found his only child, given up for adoption at birth. Leaving behind his congregation, he purchases a house next to his daughter, Marta, now an adult with a family of her own. James longs to reconnect with Marta, but secrets and tragedy force him to question everything. Tracking down the biological mother, he finds a broken woman who is weary of living. Of all the souls he has ministered to, the mother of his child is the last person he ever expected to help. In his quest for answers, she reveals information that both devastates James and sets him free. Beset by uncertainty and doubt, James must rely on faith, love, and his belief in family. Already very attached to Marta and her child, he knows they need him more than ever. But will he ever know for certain if he is Marta’s father? Will he ever have the family he has secretly wept for all of his adult life? BUY NOW