A Mother’s Day Gift for Mom

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“I’ve been called many things in life, but there’s no title so precious as ‘Mom’.”

Who knows which royal said this? Hint: she might just be American!

This Mother’s Day, give Mom the gift that keeps on giving – a Mother’s Day book for her bookshelf!


Love Romance Novels with a twist?

Why not check these out for Mother’s Day?

Amazing Grace: A love story; a missionary story – set in the plains of Africa. 

Love’s Lost Star: A bride disappears on her wedding day…

Gifted: A young, talented runner; a soul-searching coach; a determined father…



Or perhaps a novel on a completely different timeline might suit Mom’s fancy?

Sabal Palms and the Southern Squall: a hurricane brings to light the undercurrent of dark forces working against a community.

Second Chance at Happiness: A young widow, an old flame, a decision that shocks the community. 

Solomon’s Concubine: A gripping spin of life in King Solomon’s harem from the perspective of a kidnapped Jewish girl. 


Or a book for Mom about the Christian walk?

Revelations from the Revelation of Jesus Christ: an empowering discussion of the book of Revelation. 

Real Recovery:  the story of one woman’s journey of recovery from an eating disorder. 

For the Display of His Splendor: A Christian’s deep dive into anxieties and mental and emotional stressors that plague humans today.


While there is no best way to thank the mothers in our lives, we hope you will consider picking up a book for Mother’s Day, along with flowers and a nap for all the moms in your life.

May Mother’s Day 2022 bring hope, blessings, and joy to all who celebrate it.

Here’s to you, Mom!