Gripping biographies for just 99¢

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Today through Sunday (August, 21st) we’re dropping the price on 7 of our biographies to just $.99 each on Kindle!

Shop these great deals now!

Healing Hearts: A Leading Pediatric Heart Surgeon Learns About the Journey from Grief to Life From These Inspiring Mothers of His Lost Patients
by Dr. Hisashi Nikaidoh – BUY NOW

Laurie’s Story: Discovering Joy In Adversity by Laurie Thompson – BUY NOW

Good Morning Beautiful: Winning the Battle Over Seizures by Paulette George – BUY NOW

The Sobering Truth: One Mans Journey From Failure to Faith by Steven Sellers – BUY NOW

From Raindrops to an Ocean: An Indian-American Oncologist Discovers Faith’s Power From A Patient by Dr. Kashyap Patel – BUY NOW

Eclipse of Faith: When Doubt Overwhelms Religious Belief by Steve Whigham – BUY NOW

The Call of a Caregiver: Finding Comfort, Pursuing Purpose by Jessica Mast – BUY NOW


Get Your History Fix for just $1.99

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This Thursday (8/11) we’re dropping the price on Our Most Priceless Heritage and Three Men of Destiny by Billy Kennedy to just $1.99 each on Kindle. Both titles are great kick starters to learn more about the Scots-Irish roots of America.





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Take advantage of our HUGE summer fiction sale! Each of the below titles are just 99¢ on Kindle August 4-7!FictonFlash

Till The Storm Passes ByBUY NOW!

A Star To Steer ByBUY NOW!

Just One TouchBUY NOW!

Good-Bye LoverBUY NOW!

The River KeeperBUY NOW!

A Little Irish Love StoryBUY NOW!

To Comfort A KingBUY NOW!

The UnreconciledBUY NOW!

Alana Candler, Marked For MurderBUY NOW!

A Memory Worth Dying ForBUY NOW!

The Color of My HeartBUY NOW!

The 20th ChristmasBUY NOW!


99¢ Sale TODAY ONLY!

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Before the day is out, be certain to take advantage of this week’s book sale!  For today only, The Conversational Bible: The New Testament in Story Form is available for only 99¢!  This newly-released book by Angela Scott is a treasure for those who seek to understand the Bible in a fresh, accessible format.  Tomorrow, the price for this book returns to $9.99, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Conversational Bible coverWhat is more important for a young Christian than to be deeply and intimately familiar with the life of Christ? The Conversational Bible: The New Testament in Story Form walks through the events, teachings, and miracles of the New Testament, as well as the growth of the early church and the work of the apostles. Scripture is explained in an approachable, conversational style in order to appeal to new believers of all ages. Few things are more important in a Christian’s walk than the diligent reading of God’s Word, and The Conversational Bible encourages that practice while also expanding upon the teachings of Scripture, making it the perfect companion for the follower of Christ. The Conversational Bible, an update of History of the New Testament in Words of One Syllable, published in 1888, also contains many of the engravings found in the original. BUY NOW



Sale for Today Only!

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Only for today, Kelly McCorkle Parkison’s inspirational book, He Knows Her Name, goes on sale for $2.99! More than just a wonderful story of the Parkisons’ adoption of their daughter, Lyla, this book is an excellent resource for those considering the path of adoption.  Be sure to take advantage of this sale, and pick up your copy for the price returns to $9.99!

HeKnowsHerName-2.99He Knows Her Name: There are an estimated 20 million orphans in the country of India. Thanks to Kelly and Scott Parkison, that number has decreased by one. Having promised to never return to India after her experience on the reality show The Amazing Race, Kelly never dreamed she would one day be a mother to a beautiful Indian girl named Lyla. This is the amazing and true story of how God uses the most unlikely circumstances for His greater purpose. Calling the Parkison’s adoption story a rollercoaster ride of emotion would be an understatement. After almost every major decision in the Parkison’s adoption process, God put a twist in their carefully laid plans only to lead them to greater opportunities. Faced with an overwhelming amount of fundraising, mountains of adoption paperwork, an unexpected pregnancy, a medical issue to patch with their new daughter, and the adjustment of bringing their child into a new culture, the Parkisons clung to God through their whirlwind adoption of Lyla. Their heartwarming story is a beautiful testament to the gift of adoption on this earth and the love of God for all of us as His children. BUY NOW

Newly-Released Book on Sale!

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For today only, you can pick up The Inconceivable Truth by Joanna Graham, one of our brand-new titles, for a significantly reduced price!  Until the end of today, you can purchase The Inconceivable Truth for only $1.99; compare that to the standard $9.99 price!  Pick it up before the sale ends tonight!

The Inconceivable Truth: As one of the most heartbreaking experiences in life, infertility can shatter dreams and crush spirits in its unyielding wake. Almost taboo, this struggle is rarely discussed within many Christian circles, which can leave affected couples with more questions than answers. The InconceivableTruthInconceivable Truth provides a new approach for addressing some of the struggles Christian couples face today and the truth of what it is to be unable to conceive. It is the author’s hope that as you confront some of the same issues she did, her story will help you to make God-honouring decisions and understand better the place of infertility in our lives. To find peace and joy in this difficult season, our counsel must be rooted in the Bible and in Christ. Join Joanna as she shares what God taught her during her family’s infertility journey. May His book come alive in ways that will excite your soul and draw your heart and eyes upward to Jesus. BUY NOW

Series Sale! 99¢ Each!

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Exclusive for this week’s sale is the entire Appalachian Roots series by Janice Cole Hopkins!  For today only, you can purchase Cleared For Planting, Sown in Dark Soil, and the newly-released  Uprooted by War each for only 99¢!  This is a one-time opportunity, and after today each book returns to their standard price of $5.99.  Don’t miss out on this deal!

Cleared For Planting: Living in the Appalachian Mountains in 1804 takes a strong person, and the unexpected can be lurking just around the corner. Emma has high hopes when her family moves to the North Carolina mountains. Her father appears to have finally quit drinking, and he plans to settle their family once and for all near the Linville River. Here Emma meets Edgar Moretz, an intelligent, passionate, and godly young man. Things are looking up for her, but when she is captured by a Cherokee raiding party, Emma’s problems have just begun. Years later, Clifton has finally finished his medical training and plans to spend some time at his family’s mountain farm until he can decide his next step. He also hopes God will send him a special woman to become his wife. But when she arrives unexpectedly, he finds that the road to happiness is not always smooth. BUY NOW

Sown in Dark Soil: The Appalachian Mountains are a beautiful place for life and love—but they can prove harsh and treacherous to the unexperienced. After the death of their father, Ivy and Leah Morgan are suddenly thrust into unpleasant, arranged marriages by their mother. Ivy, however, has other plans. Having fallen in love with Luke Moretz, Ivy is insistent upon running away to Luke’s farm in the Appalachian Mountains—far from her home and her mother’s disapproval.
Convincing her sister to come along, the Morgan girls leave town with Luke. Along the way, feelings between Ivy and Luke become strained as Ivy’s true personality and distaste for the mountains begin to show. Luke must face following his growing attraction to Leah or keeping his promise to Ivy. Meanwhile, Leah can’t help falling for all the things about Luke that her sister seems to dislike. Mixed emotions and the testing of relationships lead to dangerous and unfortunate circumstances that put any chance of future happiness at risk. Will this journey bring the sisters closer than ever, or drive them further apart than they could have ever imagined? BUY NOW

Uprooted by War: When brother must fight against brother, tragedy and terror become all-too-familiar visitors. The fate of a nation, and a family, hangs in the balance.
It’s 1862, and the Civil War has arrived at last in Appalachia. Fearing that he will be drafted by the Confederacy, Luke Moretz leaves his farm and his wife, Leah, behind to join the Union. Although he loves the South, Luke can’t abide slavery. However, Luke’s brother-in-law and best friend, Lawrence, disagrees and will fight for the Confederacy. How can Luke keep his faith when faced with UprootedByWarinsurmountable obstacles and horrendous conditions amidst the turmoil of war? Meanwhile, at their mountain farm, Leah is weighed down with the responsibility of now taking care of the family. Scavengers, raiders, and bushwhackers are always a threat in the Appalachians, but deserters and slave catchers pose new dangers. Hawk, the Cherokee brave who has long loved Emma, helps ease Leah’s burdens, but nothing can soothe her heartache. Plagued by fears of a husband lost to war, she knows she must lean on God now more than ever, but hope begins to run scarce in these difficult times. BUY NOW

99¢ SALE: One Day Only!

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For today only: you can buy Miriam Jones Bradley’s book, The Nearly Twins and the Secret in the Mason Jar for only 99¢.   Normally sold for $5.99, this is a great deal that won’t pop up again!  For both young readers and readers young at heart, The Nearly Twins is a book full of fun, excitement, and mystery.  Treat yourself to a 99¢ adventure and pick up your copy today!

nearly twinsThe Nearly Twins and the Secret in the Mason Jar: May Lynn Neely is 27 days older than her brother, Bryce, which makes them “nearly twins.” They’re smart, curious, and full of energy—so much energy you might think there ought to be more than just the two of them. This brother-sister pair brings loads of fun wherever they go. Buried treasure doesn’t have to be only in a pirate’s chest and adventures aren’t only for grown-ups. Now that they’re back home after helping the Double Cousins solve the mystery of Custer’s gold, the Nearly Twins are itching to have a mystery of their own. So excitement runs high when they dig up an old mason jar with objects sealed inside. Does the Alzheimer’s patient hold the crucial clue? Can they fit together the history and people, as well as the geography and geology of the western North Carolina mountains, to find the answer? Is there an actual treasure at the end of their quest?  BUY NOW

99¢ SALE: One Day Only!

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Today’s book sale features the new novel by Debbie Gilliland, Mine To Love.  Debbie Gilliland is also the author of the tremendously popular Biblical fiction story, To Comfort a King, and her new book, just 99¢ today, tells the equally touching story of James, a man seeking to overcome past regrets and reconnect with a daughter he’s never known.  After today the book returns to its normal price of $5.99, so pick up your copy today!

mine to loveMine to Love: James Hawthorne, a widowed and recently retired minister, has searched for and found his only child, given up for adoption at birth. Leaving behind his congregation, he purchases a house next to his daughter, Marta, now an adult with a family of her own. James longs to reconnect with Marta, but secrets and tragedy force him to question everything. Tracking down the biological mother, he finds a broken woman who is weary of living. Of all the souls he has ministered to, the mother of his child is the last person he ever expected to help. In his quest for answers, she reveals information that both devastates James and sets him free. Beset by uncertainty and doubt, James must rely on faith, love, and his belief in family. Already very attached to Marta and her child, he knows they need him more than ever. But will he ever know for certain if he is Marta’s father? Will he ever have the family he has secretly wept for all of his adult life? BUY NOW