Young Widow Hopes to Encourage Other Caregivers

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the-call-of-a-caregiver flatAuthor Jessica Mast Writes The Call of a Caregiver to Reach New Generation of Widows

For immediate release: At the age of 23 Jessica Mast was a beaming bride. At the age of 25 she was a grieving widow, struggling with the excruciating loss of her husband Jimmy. Jimmy’s liver began to fail and for months Jessica spent every moment by his hospital bed, leading the exhausting, painful life of a caregiver. “Jimmy’s condition was often up and down, and we would go from thinking he was improving one week to thinking the worst the next week,” says Jessica. “I stayed by his side through it all and refused to give up hope for Jimmy’s healing.”

Liver failure took Jimmy’s life on his 28th birthday, leaving Jessica empty, alone and struggling to understand why. “I felt hurt and betrayed by God for not healing Jimmy, and I struggled with anger toward God for months before I finally surrendered to His comfort, compassion and love for me,” remembers Jessica. “My despair almost caused me to take my own life, and once again, Jesus saved me from destruction. Over time, Jesus healed my wounds.” Jessica hopes by sharing her story of restoration through her new book The Call of a Caregiver, she’ll help others in similar circumstances.

A 2010 study estimates that the US is home to 13.6 million widows, the third highest of any country in the world. But often resources are geared towards older widows. However, recent wars have created a new generation of young caregivers and widows that Jessica hopes to encourage through The Call of a Caregiver. 



Author Bill Renje Featured In The Newspaper

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Bill Renje, author of A Chosen Bullet was featured in the famous Chicago sports column, In the Wake of the News. You can read the article here. Bill was also on Chicago Tribune Live. You can watch his interview here.

Randall Murphree’s Review of Sammy Tippit’s The Race

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Randall Murphree has written a review of Sammy Tippit’s The Race.


“Evangelist Sammy Tippit has hit the mother lode. And now, at the risk of using too many metaphors too close together, I’m going to do it anyway: It is hard to imagine that anyone — seminarian, pastor or Bible scholar — could mine such a wealth of wisdom from the picture of running a race as a metaphor for living a Christian life.”


You can read the entire review here.

Living Christian Faith like Living in a Hurricane

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LovesLikeAHurriance_Cover Author asks “If you never existed would this world be any different?”

For immediate release: Experts are already predicting a rough 2011 hurricane season with 17 named storms including three major hurricanes of category three or higher. But author Gene Krcelic says for Christians, the storm never stops. “We are constantly lashed with our physical sin, our doubts and our disbeliefs,” says Krcelic. “When you accept Christ it doesn’t mean the storm is over. In fact you’re in a greater torrent and that’s when the work starts.” Fittingly, Krcelic’s new book Loves Like A Hurricane: When God Whispers in the Dark, blows into stores during the heart of hurricane season, in July 2011.

Krcelic, the president of the Premier Foundation, says his own faith journey began with the most costly storm in history, Hurricane Katrina. A near death experience the night the storm hit along with his own disaster relief work proved to be pivotal moments in his Christian walk. “I came back home from Louisiana and my life was forever changed,” he says. Since then he’s traveled with the Premier Foundation to communities ravaged by poverty and natural disaster. These areas include Haitian refugee camps in the Dominican Republic and orphanages in the heart of Mexico’s drug war.

In Loves Like a Hurricane, Krcelic asks readers to step back, look at their lives and ask themselves how the world would be different if they never existed. The author hopes to inspire others to live life with a renewed hurricane-like faith, encountering God’s fathomless love. Loves Like a Hurricane shows us what God’s voice looks like when He whispers to us in the dark, during unlikely times in our lives-even when we aren’t listening. It pushes us to search our heart and to look at our world as if we never lived, to truly look and see if we individually have made this world a better place. A portion of the proceeds of Loves Like a Hurricane will support the Premier Foundation.


Author Sammy Tippit Interview with Friedeman Show

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Listen out for an interview with Sammy Tippit author of The Race on The Matt Friedeman Show ( Matt will be broadcasting live from the Heart-Cry for Revival Conference in NC. Sammy’s interview will be that Monday, April 4th, 8:15am ET. Be sure to tune in and remember if you miss the live airing you can download the podcast.