Brenda M. Ellison

Being a country girl from South Carolina, I was inspired by one of my twin grandsons, Cooper, to write a story. Being born into a family that was not rich from material, silver, or gold—but rich with love—I was taught from a very young age the importance of being a Christian. I learned the most important written word was, in fact: Bible. My fondest memory is sitting beside my mother in an old rocking chair, as she read aloud from my little golden books. I loved fantasy because I was able to become anything in each story—even a princess who won the handsome prince. Well, my prince is my wonderful husband, Steve. We were blessed to have two children—a beautiful daughter, Stephanie (Lea in this tale), and a wonderful son, Matthew (Olaf) who married Madeline (Alina). I am also blessed to have wonderful parents, the best sister and brother wished for, and nieces and cousins who help to make us the family we are today. Our family has grown to include three grandsons: twins, Cooper (Max) and Ellison (Gus), and Zachary (Thor). They each refer to me as Gigi (Grandragon). Also, mentioned in this tale are our neighbors’ little twin girls, Ava (Tia) and Stella (Eliisa). Li’l Dragon Tales was written for my family. My brother, John—who we lost at a young age—loved and collected pewter dragons. These dragons inspired me when one afternoon Cooper asked, “Gigi, will you help me write a story?”