Book Exposes Dangers of Legalism

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Pastor points readers to true holiness based on biblical motivations

For immediate release: From banning beards to requiring perfect Sunday school attendance, legalism is evident throughout the Christian community. Its results can be devastating as author Robert Pruitt points out in his new book Robots or Rebels: The Dangers of Growing Up a Legalist, and Biblical Motivations for True Holiness (Ambassador International; February 2014; $14.99, paperback.) The book is designed to help readers determine whether or not they have been adversely impacted by a legalistic family, church or parachurch ministry.

Robots or RebelsPacked with information about sources of legalism and the types of legalism, one thing readers will not find in the pages of Robots or Rebels is a list of legalistic ministries or organizations. “Isn’t that specificity one of the problems that accompanies legalism?” asks Pruitt. “Legalists want everything listed for them so they do not have to think, but this book is intended to encourage the hard work of thinking, and hopefully in a biblical way.” Some of the forms of legalism discussed in the book include:

  • Legalism is an error that equates law-keeping with salvation.
  • Legalism demands current obedience to Old Testament regulations that have been done away with by Christ.
  • Legalism is the error of creating extra-biblical standards but giving them biblical authority, thus placing them on an equal plane with truly biblical commands.

Pruitt says eventually life for these legalistic robots becomes lifeless. “The robot has been so thoroughly overwhelmed by the call for more and more stringent standards that he either cannot think biblically or he refuses to think biblically for fear of being thought of as a rebel,” writes Pruitt.  The book also dives into the characteristics of pleasure-seeking rebels who are often angry, prideful and materialistic. Pruitt aims to steer Christians away from either title, robots or rebels, into a longing to live in true holiness based on a love for Christ.

About the Author: Robert Pruitt has been serving as the pastor of Coloma Bible Church, in Coloma, MI, since the spring of 2005. Prior to that he pastored churches in Missouri, Virginia, and Kansas. In addition to his pastoral ministry he has also been involved in Christian camping ministries where he has been privileged to interact with many teenagers and pre-teens. He and his wife, Michele, have two daughters and three grandchildren.

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