A Christmas Dinosaur with Yellow Eyes

by S.A. Jewell

Genres: Children & Young Adult

ISBN: 9781620208632

112 pages

Price: $11.99

The last person young Josh expects to visit him on Christmas Eve is an orphaned shepherd boy who mysteriously appears in his bedroom who tells Josh about the best story ever—the very first Christmas! The young shepherd weaves a fascinating story about the glory of the angels who announced Jesus’ birth and the poor shepherds and street people who went to see the Savior in a cavelike stable. But the wondrous story of Christmas dissolves the next morning when Josh finds himself hopelessly lost in a blizzard. Amazingly, a little plastic dinosaur, the only present Josh got last year for Christmas, helps rescue him.


S.A. Jewell is the author of Blink and Visit from a Shepherd Boy. She holds a master's degree in Bible Studies from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary and a BFA degree from Massachusetts College of Art. Sara is the founder of www.teamofGod.org, a non-denominational Christian ministry encouraging Bible study and helping the needy.