A Scent of Water: Bringing Life Back to the Christian School Movement

by Edward Earwood, Phil Suiter

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ISBN: 9781620201558

240 pages

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A Scent of Water is a message of hope for the Christian school movement, a movement that is currently lacks vision, struggles with enrollment declines and battles budget limitations.  This message derives from scriptural truth and the findings of empirical research and recommends a means for restoring a vision for the ministry.  The local Christian school must become the site for transforming the movement into one that focuses upon student learning and a clear delineation of student goals. The authors examine schools as social and cultural systems that must be understood.  A Scent of Water describes the type of leadership that must characterize the movement and proposes an active, vibrant and collaborative role for classroom teachers, working with building principals who see themselves as capacity builders, building strength and knowledge within the teaching staff to bring a scent of water that will revitalize and transform the movement.

“The authors pose the question in the introduction, ‘is Christian education worth saving?’” and go on to articulate EXACTLY why we must have solid and successful Christian education in our nation. . . . it is incumbent upon us to re-energize and reignite believers to the TRUTH that only comes through Jesus Christ.  Too few children in our land are taught HIS principles or reinforced in HIS ways and it is more important now than ever that we not be discouraged . . . but take back lost ground. I appreciate Earwood and Suiter leading us in this great and needed work!!”
—Chad Connelly, chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, author, and former school board chairman

“This book might throw cold water in your face, but keep reading!  The authors have accurately summarized the history and current state of the Christian education movement and have suggested an excellent model for moving forward as schools and as a movement.”
—Dr. Jeff Walton, Executive Director, American Association of Christian Schools

“In A Scent of Water, authors Suiter and Earwood strongly challenge Christian school educators to face the issues of the day in their ministry.  This book will force those in positions of leadership in Christian school education to re-examine where they are at and where they need to go in order to re-gain focus in the movement called Christian school education.  Today, Christians are more like the world than they realize.  Biblical worldview is compromised ever so gradually.  The cause is weakened, but is greater than ever as are the challenges.  This work will provide inspiration to face those challenges.”
—Michael H. Bryant, EdD; Executive Director, Georgia Association of Christian Schools

A Scent of Water is a must-read for any educator desiring to transform the current state of Christian education.  As seasoned educators, Earwood and Suiter bring clarity to the major issues and provide an excellent blueprint for the future.”
—Joe Haas, Ed.D., Executive Director, North Carolina Christian School Association

“A Scent of Water” is exceptionally thoughtful, thorough, and Bible-based.  Any school which embraces the foundational research and information and then implements the plan of action will be definitely more efficient and effective in training students to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus in His church.”
—Dr. Cecil Beach, administrator, Northside Christian School, North Charleston, South Carolina

“My heart was filled with hope as I read through the pages of A Scent of Water. Certainly there is a cause, and I am excited for the Biblical principles and practical steps identified to strengthen our schools, our families, and our movement for Christ.”
—Dr. Dan Brokke, administrator, Grace Christian School, Huntington, West Virginia

“WOW!!!   Nailed it!!!  In A Scent of Water, Suiter and Earwood correctly identify the challenges facing the Christian school movement and offer solid ideas for bringing new life to a movement definitely worth saving.  The pages are filled with scriptural application, solid research, and an action plan that offers hope for the future. “
—Dr. Cathy Dotson, Elementary Principal, Wilmington Christian Academy, Wilmington, North Carolina


Edward Earwood has served 33 years in Christian education; his ministry has included positions as teacher, athletic director, principal, and pastor. After more than two decades in Alabama, he now serves as the executive director of South Carolina Association of Christian Schools. His work extends to the national and international levels through North American Christian School Accrediting Agency.
Phil Suiter, pastor and educator, has experience in Ohio as teacher and principal. He taught in the School of Education at Marshall University and later accepted a position with the State Department of Education in West Virginia, first serving as the Director of Teacher Preparation and later as the Assistant State Superintendent of Schools. He left public education in 1980 to enter the ministry and serve in leadership roles within the Christian school movement at both state and national levels.