A Shiver of Wonder: A Life of C. S. Lewis

by Derick Bingham

Genres: Biography, History, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781932307320

228 pages

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A Shiver of Wonder: A Life of C. S. Lewis


He was an ATHEIST who became the BEST-SELLING Christian author in history.

He was an intellectual prig who was transformed into a man who had a mind and heart awake to holiness. He had no posterity, but few men in history have been so deeply loved by children.  He was but a mirror reflecting another Face.

He was an Oxford Don and a Cambridge Professor. He was an expert in Medieval and Renaissance English who gripped the imagination of millions through his wartime broadcasts of Christian truth for the BBC—broadcasts that later became his famous book, Mere Christianity.

He was C. S. Lewis, a name synonymous with legendary kindness, intellectual rigour, a love of nature and perhaps his greatest creation, Aslan and the land of Narnia.

In A Shiver of Wonder, learn how his writings still compel countless readers to shiver with wonder at the great imagination and depth of understanding he possessed.

Controversial genius that he was, his life is a beacon for all who struggle with doubt and faith in Christ.


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Derick Bingham, a native of County Down now living in Belfast, has long been inspired by the life of C. S. Lewis. In this biography, Bingham seeks to show the deep influence the environment of Belfast and the nearby County Down had on Lewis’s imagination and life. Bingham is the author of twenty-three books including a recent biography of the legendary Amy Carmichael, entitled The Wild-Bird Child. He is a graduate of Queen’s University and is currently a teaching-pastor with Christ Church in Belfast.