A Star To Steer By

by AnnaLee Conti

Genres: Fiction, History

ISBN: 9781620202982

336 pages

Price: $14.99

“Oh, Kristina, what have I done? No matter what you hear about me, you’re the one I love.”

Norman Pedersen hunches his body into the biting wind as he stands at the bow of the seiner. Even that discomfort does not distract him from the relentless, crushing pain in his heart.

Full of hope and ambition, he had come to Alaska to make his fortune and return to Norway to marry Kristina Michelsen, the love of his life. The future had looked so promising.

Charmed by the beautiful but conniving Cecilia, he now feels like a man condemned to a life sentence. He’s let down everyone he loves.

Will Norman ever find his true “star to steer by” in this exciting sequel to Till the Storm Passes By?

A Star to Steer By by AnnaLee Conti is book 2 in the Alaskan Waters series.


AnnaLee Conti is an author, teacher, and ordained minister. She resides in the Mid-Hudson River Valley with her husband, Bob. Together they have pastored churches in New York State for 35 years. Her experiences growing up in a missionary family in Alaska during the fifties and sixties provide inspiration for her stories. Conti has also published numerous short stories, articles, devotionals, church school curriculum, and a nonfiction book. A Star to Steer By is the second book in her Alaskan Waters Trilogy.