Always Been Loved: Discovering God’s True Feelings for You

by Celeste Hawkins

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781649600349

160 pages

Price: $11.99

How do you think God feels about you — right now?
Just hold still. Take a moment for the honest truth. Let the soul-searching question seep in, and brace yourself for the answer.
Don’t tell yourself the answer you know you’re supposed to say. Don’t recite lines from children’s church or your grandmother’s house that never sank beneath the surface of your heart. Tell yourself the real answer, what you truly felt as you drove to work this week, as you looked into your family’s faces at the table, as you laid down to go to sleep last night.
Maybe your answer is “disappointed.” “Mad.” Even “apathetic.”
And yet the unbelievable truth is better than you could ever imagine. Because what God really feels for you is love, and He’s done specific, personal things for you so you’ll know it. Like treasure left too long, they’re buried in the Bible but finally brought to light in Always Been Loved. As you read it, you’ll finally discover God’s true feelings for you — the feelings that He’s had for you since before you were born and that you can never lose.
He’s ready to show you: you’ve always been loved.


Celeste Hawkins lived in the same red-shuttered house in North Carolina until she was 22. By then, her family had probably guessed she’d become an author someday, because every year she’d concoct a new Christmas play and then force them to perform it before anyone could open presents. (Sorry, guys!) After studying English education, Celeste started her career in writing. Her work has appeared online at USA Today, as well as in print in “edible UPCOUNTRY” and “1892 Magazine,” among others. She also created the popular travel website Travelers Rest Here. “Always Been Loved” is her first book, a deeply personal discovery of God’s out-of-this-world love for us.