Bailey McKenzie, Crime Scene Specialist

by Tina R. Young

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Young Adult

ISBN: 9781649603777

Price: $17.99

With a mom in forensics and a dad on the police force, it’s no wonder that fourteen-year-old Bailey McKenzie has her sights set on working in the field of law enforcement as well. When she and her friends are given the opportunity to be junior forensic interns for the summer with her mother leading them, Bailey jumps at the chance to get a start on her career.

But investigating a murder scene takes a personal turn when the team, specifically Bailey, comes under attack and their lives are placed in danger. As the team continues to try to put the pieces together, can they depend on God to help them figure out who the murderer is and catch the criminal before it’s too late? Or will Bailey’s dreams of fighting for justice never become a reality?

Bailey must follow the clues to answer these questions. But through it all, Bailey must learn to decide who she can trust and place her faith in the One Who will never let her down.


Tina Young is a Professor in the Administration of Justice Department at Grossmont College in El Cajon, California, where she teaches basic and advanced forensic technology and forensic photography courses, as well as California State-certified forensic technology and bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) courses. She is a private BPA practitioner and has testified as a BPA expert witness in San Diego, Riverside, and Los Angeles County Superior Court. She has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Forensic Sciences degree. Since July, 2007, she has maintained certification as a Certified Bloodstain Pattern Analyst through the International Association for Identification.