Bloodline Secrets

by Barbara Taylor Sanders

Genres: Fiction, Suspense

ISBN: 9781620206003

272 pages

Price: $15.99

Claudette, Laci Ann, and Justine are the beautiful daughters of billionaire Bill and Jeanette Lauden of Boston. Despite their social status, the young heiresses can’t seem to find inner peace or true love by honest relationships.
With Laci Ann’s third wedding approaching quickly, the Lauden’s sprawling homestead on Nantucket Island calls for a perfect summer family gathering.
When Claudette arrives with a handsome stranger she met on the airplane flight home, she surprises everyone by taking such a risk, including herself. She is confronted with mind games and challenges that keep her on edge. Should she reveal her most guarded secret? Or will she keep it to herself?
Laci Ann finds herself in an emotional mess the morning of her wedding and runs from her soon-to-be husband. On the brink of another disastrous marriage, she sails into a life-or-death situation. Will she survive and eventually experience everlasting love?
Justine takes a daring risk in search for the man of her dreams. Determined to not make the same mistakes as her sisters, she meets a great guy by taking a gamble. But will she allow this man of her dreams into her life, or will she remain fearful that he is just another fortune hunter and not take a chance on true love?
When someone from their past seeks revenge on the Lauden family, bringing a series of devastating events that threaten the family dynasty, will the daughters catch the vengeful foe or will their bloodlines secrets prevent them from succeeding?


Author Barbara Taylor Sanders, B.A., is also an advocate and an award-winning artist. As a member of the National League of American Pen Women, she is actively involved with professional writers, artists, and musicians in SW Florida. For decades, she’s been a tireless advocate for the poor and disadvantaged, especially single mothers struggling to better their lives. Her lifelong passion is to share the love of Christ Jesus through book publications and creative evangelical outreach to the lost and forsaken of the world.