Blue Dollar

by George E. Rittenhouse

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620201367

256 pages

Price: $14.99

Can a mysterious plan save the global economy, or will a man lose his life because of it?

The world is on the brink of economic disaster with the United States at its center. A combination of an entitled society, economic mismanagement, and strong political forces have brought things to the edge of despair.  Everything seems lost until the American President agrees to his involvement in a master plan that’s success lies in its secrecy.  Little does he know that a mysterious, satanic group called the Thirteen has devised the plan and will stop at nothing to ensure it’s success.

Randy Grant is a simple minister who supplements his income by doing economic research.  After unintentionally stumbling across the secret plan, Randy realizes the danger that he is in.  The government wants him in custody.  The Thirteen want him dead.  Neither option appeals to Grant, but can he insure his safety?


George Rittenhouse is a retired pastor, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and an adjunct Professor of Finance and Economics at National University in San Diego, California. He volunteers his time as a Chaplain for his local Police Department and, when not teaching or writing theological treatises, he enjoys taking a bite out of crime with them.