Chaos to Calm: Fulfilling Life’s Purpose Through True Worship

by Lisa S. Arnold

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620205259

240 pages

Price: $15.99

Chaos to Calm . . . Fulfilling Life’s Purpose Through Worship is a guiding light for those who are searching and disillusioned in their lack of fulfillment and purpose in life. It seeks to lead the discontented, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled down the only life-fulfilling passageway. A passageway leading to the only true Light and Giver of contentment and purpose—Jesus Christ—the One our hearts were created to worship.

Before true worship can occur, we must first understand what worship is and to whom it is to be offered. Worship is not exclusively a Sunday morning activity. True worship encompasses every aspect of our lives: work, play, and church. Everything we say and do, every minute of every day, is to be offered as our worship. We must also realize that we do not come before a gentle Shepherd, but before the mighty terrifying King of Ezekiel and Revelation. As we see Jesus for who He truly is, we will then begin to “walk in the fear of the Lord.” Only as we see Jesus in His rightful state and walk in the fear of the Lord will we be able to express true worship and experience the fulfillment and purpose our hearts desire.

For the believer, who in the midst of all service and church related activities can find no relief from the discontentment of life, Chaos to Calm offers enlightenment in the knowledge that true contentment will never be ours until we fill the emptiness of our lives with Jesus Christ. Through Him alone were we created to be satisfied. Through Him alone all worship belongs.


Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name. —Hebrews 13:15 NIV

Lisa S. Arnold so eloquently offers a sacrifice of praise in her new book Chaos to Calm. Chaos to Calm teaches us 11 directives in how to worship God in word and action. Chaos to Calm is filled with biblical examples, as a synopsis of God’s Word, which will enrich every believer’s life—whether just starting on your God-filled journey of worship or needing a refresher course in true worship. You’ll be blessed, as I am . . . and your being blessed will bless others as well.
—Judy Janowski, Author of Life Is a Garden Party, Vol. I and II

In Chaos to Calm: Fulfilling Life’s Purpose through True Worship the essence of authentic worship is brought front and center! I love this most recent offering of Lisa S. Arnold! From beginning to end she draws the attention of the reader to true worship! This is a much needed focus upon the outpouring of Christ’s Love which brings true worship into individual lives. I hope for God to touch your life as He is touching mine through this call to true worship.
—Dr. Terry M. Robertson, Executive Director/Treasurer Baptist Convention of New York


Lisa S. Arnold has spent the last twenty years as a Pastor’s wife in a small church in Elmira, NY. She and her husband, Duane, have also served in churches in Pennsylvania and Illinois. She is an author, speaker, mother of 8, and grandmother of 15. This is her second book, the first being: For Sanity’s Sake: Devotions for the Temporarily Insane: Otherwise Known as the Menopausal Woman. Although it took her more than ten years to complete this book, she admits that it didn’t really come together until this past year, when she suffered the personal loss of her 33-year-old son, her father, a dear friend, and struggled through many on-going life-threatening issues with her husband. “When there is nothing left in this world to cling to, you must go outside this world and wrap your arms tight around He who suffered and died for us all. When Jesus is all that is left, all that is left is to cling to Jesus.” She is currently working on a counterpart to Chaos to Calm, which will be a 365-day devotional.