Christian Growth From A to Z: A Practical Discipleship Manual for Both New & Growing Christians

by Doug Lowery

Genres: Christian Living, Ministry

ISBN: 9781932307764

220 pages

Price: $11.99

This thorough and biblical discipleship manual will prove to be practical and edifying to those who are new believers and will challenge those who have known Christ longer to go forward to greater Christ-likeness and spiritual maturity. These four biblical alphabets can be used in many settings: personal study, one-on-one discipleship, small groups, Sunday school class curriculum and Christian school and home school Bible study material.

Christian Growth from A to Z is a wonderful help to lead a Christian from salvation to maturity in Christ. This is an excellent help for those mentoring new converts or students in Sunday school and other class settings. I especially appreciate the focus on knowing God and His attributes. It is evident that this work comes out of the many needs that Brother Lowery has seen after many years of ministry.”
-Dr. Les Ollila, Chancellor Northland Baptist Bible College


Doug Lowery and his wife, Donna, have served the Lord together in two local churches (Faith Baptist Church in Corona, Queens, New York, and Calvary Baptist Church in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin) for 23 years. Now, since September of 2002, Doug and Donna have ministered in over 240 churches in 37 states in an itinerant ministry called, Heart Lifting Ministries. They conduct revival meetings, evangelistic campaigns, marriage and family conferences, and minister through vocal and instrumental music. Doug also directs NYSET—New York Summer Evangelism Team. Learn more about the Lowerys and their ministries on their website: