My Dad’s Birthday Surprise

by C.M. Needham

Genres: Children & Young Adult

ISBN: 9781620202401

48 pages

Price: $7.99

Jacob isn’t quite ten years old but he has a BIG problem.

His dad’s birthday is only a few days away and Jacob has only  $1.38 to contribute towards Dad’s birthday party.

To make matters worse, his dad won’t let him mow yards until after he turns ten, so he can‘t make any money! It’s a tight spot. How is he going to solve it?

Skateboard down Jacob’s street and knock on some doors with him as he uses his head to work out the problem. He learns a few things and even manages to teach his dad something as well.


C. M. Needham, his friends call him “Spark,” earned a BA degrees from Ottawa University in Business and English and continued at the University of Kansas MBA program although he never finished. He is retired from the U.S. Navy and is a retired Mortgage Loan Closing Officer. C. M. Needham lives with Jeannie, the love of his life and his wife of many years, in Sugar Creek, Missouri. He has four grown children and three grandchildren and gets most of his story ideas from the childhood of he and his four sisters as well as the escapades of his own children during their childhood.