David: The Godly Heart of a Sinful Man

by Terry W. Hyman

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living

ISBN: 9781649600318

160 pages

Price: $15.99

To some people, saying that David had a godly heart is almost offensive. How do you apply that description to a man whose legacy includes neglecting responsibilities, lust, adultery, murder, deception, hypocrisy, and callous indifference? Saul, David’s predecessor as king of Israel, was guilty of deliberate rebellion, but Scripture gives no account of him ever engaging in the kind of disgusting activity that characterized David’s behavior during his sin with Bathsheba. Yet Saul, when he sought forgiveness, was rejected. What made David different?

David: The Godly Heart of a Sinful Man examines David’s heart, identifying specific character qualities that influenced his response when confronted with his sin. Humility, honesty, and confession were common, and it was evident that David cared more about getting right with God than defending his actions. There was no effort to justify his sin or excuse himself, and he never tried to shift the blame to others. David understood that God cared more about the contrite attitude of a broken heart than the false piety of an insincere sacrifice. He knew he would never, by his own efforts, meet God’s standard of perfection.

In Psalm 103:14 David stated: “He knoweth our frame, he remembereth that we are dust.”

The essential message of David: The Godly Heart of a Sinful Man is that God does not expect an individual to be perfect; instead He desires a heart that is sensitive and responsive to the ministry of God’s spirit.


David: The Godly Heart of a Sinful Man is a classic read that gives incredible insight into the life of David. Using vivid imagery and practical application, this book paints the struggles and triumphs of a man who truly desired to serve God . . . but let his flesh get the best of him. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a closer, authentic walk with God.
Rusty Smith
Pastor, Mikado Baptist Church

Pastor Terry Hyman has ably articulated the power of a godly man, who was totally surrendered to the Lord. This book will challenge, motivate, and deepen your walk with the Lord. I can highly recommend it.
Evangelist Jerry Sivnksty

In his previous book, Pastor Hyman did an outstanding work in his study of the Minor Prophets. In his study David: The Godly Heart of a Sinful Man, he has done an equally masterful work. I was personally challenged! His writings are very beneficial to both pastors and laymen alike. Pastors will benefit greatly through his homiletics, and everyone is challenged to godliness. My prayer is that his books will have wide circulation.
Ron Comfort
Evangelist and Founder of Ambassador Baptist College


Terry Hyman pastored Trinity Baptist Church in Centerville, Georgia, for almost twenty-one years. His ministry spans more than forty-eight years and includes a number of churches throughout the southeast. He is the author of Studies in the Minor Prophets, written to help church members understand and apply the eternal truths found in those “uninteresting” and “impractical” prophecies, and he posts often at www.terryhyman.net. He and his wife, Myra, have three sons and ten grandchildren.