by AJ Green

Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781935507741

Price: $15.99

After his grandfather’s death, Rob Granger becomes involved with a group of scientists. Through personal conversation as well as attending a lively debate, Rob is exposed to scientific evidence which calls into question certain beliefs held by the conventional scientific community. This ultimately leads to his inclusion on a dramatic expedition to the Congo in central Africa.

The main objective of the expedition is to investigate rumours of the existence of a highly unusual creature living in the Congo River basin area.The team’s investigatory work is disrupted by a counter expedition intent on refuting any claims they might make as a result of their discoveries. When Rob’s team come across evidence potentially supporting their position, they are confronted by the opposing expedition, threatened, and ordered to leave the area.

On his return to Britain, Rob Granger faces additional and significant challenges arising from the events in the Congo. He also has to come to some conclusions over how he is going to respond to all he has learned on the trip.

Deception: A Dramatic Expedition of Discovery, A Novel includes intrigue, excitement, danger, and a few twists and turns as the reader is encouraged to share in Rob’s journey of discovery.