Devotions of a Gerbil

by Traci Stead

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781620202418

96 pages

Price: $9.99

“Sometimes I think I am a gerbil in dog’s clothing. I believe I am a dog. I am desired, longed for, patiently waited for, and loved. At least I can tell myself that, but perhaps I am a gerbil—not really wanted—a replacement—fun for a while, but sure to be returned. Then God comes along . . . ”   Do you ever feel like a stray dog, alone and frightened, cowering in the cold corner of an animal shelter? God scoops us up into his arms and carries us home from the shelter. He washes us and gives us a name. But life with the Master is new and difficult.   The Master’s new rules sometimes make us look through the fence slats of His kingdom. We dig holes and crawl back into the world. God continues to whistle from his porch even while we chase cars and cats and dig through the neighbors’ trash. Eventually, we have to decide if we will leave our doggy lives behind and enjoy a relationship with the Master.


TRACI STEAD invites all dogs to the Master’s porch. Traci and her husband have two sons and live in Greenville, North Carolina. Traci is an active home educator, preacher’s wife, and 4-H volunteer. When not chasing down the family dog, Traci cares for the family goats and chickens. Originally from West Virginia, Traci enjoys writing about God’s wonders in today’s world.