Dusters and Dreams

by Hannah Buckland

Genres: Fiction

ISBN: 9781620208328

320 pages

Price: $15.99

One small village, three intertwined lives . . .

Rebecca has recently married vicar Jack Hayworth, but she must prove herself a capable wife to the village matriarchs. With her duties, events, and responsibilities, Rebecca is happy enough, but she secretly longs for a family. Must she stoically hide her heartbreak? Is it wrong for a Christian woman to struggle so much with unanswered prayers?

Edward owns a country estate, has a beautiful wife, and a profitable farm, yet he still feels dissatisfied. The world is changing outside of Biggenden Manor’s walls, and monotonous, high society life now leaves him empty. Can Edward find what he’s searching for in a differing world?

Violet is an outspoken, vivacious housemaid with a knack for getting into trouble with handsome men. She finds small village life oppressive and longs to spread her wings. Will Violet find the adventure and romance her heart craves?

Set in Victorian England, Dusters and Dreams is the sequel to Rebecca Stubbs: The Vicar’s Daughter.


Hannah Buckland lives on her family’s farm in the beautiful county of Kent, England. She is married, has two sons, and rather too many ducks and hens. Hannah enjoys home life, meeting up with friends, and helping on the farm, especially during lambing. She loves delving into Victorian domestic history and imagining what it must have been like to be a woman during that era. She is mainly a home-maker, but she also works a few hours a week as a nurse.