Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk: Breakfast with the Savior

by Tori Winkelman

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living, Cooking & Lifestyle

ISBN: 9781620202739

160 pages

Price: $29.99

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Some of my fondest childhood memories come from sitting around the kitchen table with my family. Each day, after sitting down at the table, my dad would bless the food, and then we would talk, laugh, and tell stories about our day while enjoying the beautiful meal my mom had prepared. It was something so simple; but it drew our family closer together.

Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk: Breakfast With the Savior combines my two passions in life: God’s Word and cooking. It is designed to bring you closer to the Lord and to bring your family around the kitchen table. It is a different type of devotional, one you can read while you are making breakfast or brunch for your family and friends. Inside, you’ll find thirty home-style recipes that put a spin on the classic breakfasts that I grew up enjoying.
The devotionals I have written are for women who want to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and live their life for Him. Everything we do, we do for the Lord, even cooking! So start your morning with Jesus. When you open up this cookbook to find a breakfast recipe, read the devotional while you’re cooking, and spend time in prayer with the Savior.

“It is very rare in today’s cultural climate to see and know a woman who wants to serve other women with faith, food, and devotion to our Lord with style . . . Tori will guide you into creating for your family and friends what it is like to love your God through each recipe and devotional thought. This beautiful book is truly a breakfast with the Savior.” -Emilie Barnes, speaker, author of More Hours in My Day

“Faith, Hope, Love and a Whisk . . . what a natural combination. Jesus himself taught while loving and delivering loaves and fishes. In fact, food prepared is a daily act of love and many a life lesson has been talked and even prayed over in the kitchen. Tori even acknowledges that culinary taste and heartfelt worship are individual, leaving readers an option for notes off to the side. The recipes were not afterthoughts, but truly seem to be shared family favorites. Thanks for the invite to breakfast . . . I’m looking forward to dinner!” -Kimberly Kelly, host of Kimberly’s Cookhouse,
online cooking contributor for Ingles Markets

“This is truly inspirational. Quiet time in the kitchen with the Lord will always make the food for the body tasty, as we all need a little food for the soul.” -Francine Bryson, TV personality, author of Blue Ribbon Baking from a Redneck Kitchen

“This book is a beautiful reminder that we not only need to nourish our bodies, but our souls as well. It’s filled with Tori’s delicious recipes and God’s everlasting word, both so filling in their own right.” -Holly Durst, reality star, author of Chocolate Socks


Tori Winkelman lives in Upland, CA with her husband Aaron and their dog Buffy. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University. Faith, Hope, Love, and a Whisk: Breakfast with the Savior is her first published work.