Finding Hope and Strength in God: A Daily Devotional by Amilliah Kenya

Finding Hope and Strength in God: A Daily Devotional

by Amilliah Kenya

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living

ISBN: 9781649604187

392 pages

Price: $19.99

Finding Hope and Strength in God is a twelve-month devotional book. It has different themes for each month focused on pointing you to your all-sufficient Savior, Who will give you strength and hope to face the day and to live a meaningful and fulfilling Christian life.
Its practical approach to life will help you navigate real-life situations with tangible solutions to help you find meaning, hope, strength, and courage despite the tumultuous eventualities of life. You will find spiritual strength in the promises of God to help you go through life day by day, and you will have a clearer view of God as you trust His character and restore the consistency of walking with Him. It will train and equip you for spiritual battles. Yes, it will lead you to the treasures of living a rich and fruitful life.
In an ever-changing and unpredictable world, these devotions will help you center on Christ. May this book stir you to spiritual growth and ground you in the only stable foundation—Christ. May God build, strengthen, encourage, and grow your hope in Him.


Amilliah is a college professor whose passion is to point believers to a closer walk with God so they live significant and meaningful lives that impact this generation. Amilliah has authored Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, Back to God for Healing, The Power of a Woman, God’s Presence the Missing Something, Laying a Godly Legacy, and For the Display of His Splendor. She speaks in conferences, schools, colleges, churches, and different groups to men, women, and young people. Amilliah lives in South Carolina with her family. Learn more about Amilliah at or