Finding Truth in the Tempest: A Devotional Journal for Women

by Faythelma Bechtel

Genres: Christian Living, Women's Interest

ISBN: 9781649600820

280 pages

Price: $17.99

As we walk through dark times in our lives, we all need a way of finding truth in the tempest. Whether we are asking “Why the Tempest?” or struggling when life doesn’t make sense, God’s Word is sufficient to answer all of our questions.

Faythelma Bechtel knows the tempest, but she also knows the One Who calms the storm. After losing two daughters and her husband, Faythelma has clung tighter to her Savior and longs to help others who are struggling to find peace in their own storms.

This devotional journal is not meant to be read as a daily plan, and instead offers meditations on Scripture to help for your unique circumstance.


After living in a house full of children and activity, Faythelma now finds herself living alone since her husband of forty-seven years passed away in 2008. They raised a family of nine and cared for more than thirty children and adults in Indiana, Michigan, and Oregon.
Faythelma has been writing for over forty years. She did freelancing for twelve years, selling poetry, stories, and articles to religious magazines and Sunday school papers; and for some time, she also wrote Junior Sunday school quarterlies for Christian Light Publications.
Other books written by Faythelma are three levels of Speedy Spanish, Ethics for Youth, School Days Devotional Praise, I Will Pass Over You, Sharpen UP, Reflections of God’s Grace in Grief, Light Through the Dark Valley, and God’s Grace in the Valley. She compiled four Creative Touch bulletin board books for teachers and reprinted Inspiration for Education.