Finding Your Part in God’s Master Story: An Exploration of Christian Worldviews

by Janet Ruth

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781649600707

160 pages

Price: $14.99

What is your purpose?

Finding your purpose in the world can be a challenging pursuit. It helps to understand the greater story around you.

Whether we realize it or not, we all have an internal belief system—a worldview—which directs our thoughts and actions. Our worldview is how we understand the world around us—where we came from, how we should live, and what our purpose is. Examining your personal worldview in light of God’s Master Story can strengthen your faith and clarify your purpose in this world.

Finding Your Part in God’s Master Story is an interactive study for individual or group use that explores different ways Christians view their world and encourages all Christians to have a consistent, comprehensive, and biblical worldview.

Your view of the world shapes every part of your life. It’s time to take control and shape your worldview!

“In our post-Christian culture, Janet Ruth offers a study that looks at the overarching themes of faith and the Bible and helps the participant find their voice, place, and story within God’s story for humanity. She does this in an accessible way that will deepen the faith journey of any participant.”
Dr. Erin Reibel
Christian Speaker and Coach

“Do you find it’s hard to walk the talk? When our day to day actions don’t reflect our beliefs, is it because we’re confused by too many world views bombarding us? Janet Ruth offers this indispensable guide through today’s worldviews so we will better understand our place in God’s Master Story. The more we know His view and His story, the better we will know and do our part in it.”
Elaine Tomski
Award-winning writer, author of Behind My Bellybutton,
and contributing writer to Just Plain Values Magazine

“Janet Ruth has produced a group study that is wrapped in a unique and effective exterior. It introduces many of the prominent interpretations of varying theological topics in the Bible, and then gives the reader space to think about them, research them, discuss them, and draw their own conclusions. All of this is done in a way that breaks down the more technical aspects of the arguments into easy to understand summaries. Guidance is gently offered where errors occur in interpretation, but room is also given to create and form opinions within the boundaries of the discussion. Overall, this is a study that will open the door for many students of the Bible to dig deeper in their understanding of the Bible and finding answers to life’s larger questions.”
Dr. Steven Hallam
Associate Professor and Chair of the General Education Department,
Alaska Christian College

“Everyone thinks through it, feels through it, and dreams through it, but too many people don’t know what it is, much less develop it and then use it effectively and consistently. This “it” is worldview—the framework, the basic assumptions, the foundational ideas, the lens through which we make sense of and live in the world. In her book Finding Your Part in God’s Master Story, Janet Ruth provides readers with the tools they need to understand the Christian faith through worldview glasses. This approach will help readers better grasp Christianity, especially its essentials, and gain better ways to work through their own view of Christianity and its application to their lives and beyond. Ruth has provided a potential game-changer. Read it. Use it. Your life will be better for it.”
William D. Watkins
Speaker, teacher, and award-winning author of
numerous articles, study guides, and books, including
Worlds Apart: A Handbook on Worldviews and The New Absolutes


Janet Ruth has played many parts, including federal prosecutor, college professor, wife, mother, volunteer, and Bible teacher. She holds a law degree as well as a master’s degree in biblical studies. Her passion is encouraging Christians to truly live what they say they believe. Ruth is the author of one novel and three Christian living books that help Christians internalize their beliefs so they influence their thoughts and actions every day.