Following Wherever He Leads

Following Wherever He Leads

by Joan Crory

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781620201978

76 pages

Price: $9.99

A Christian is a follower of Jesus and that is not as simple as it sounds. The road we travel may be rough and steep sometimes but whether the way be stony or smooth, the only way to make progress is to follow, to follow closely, and to keep on following. Following Wherever He Leads is written to encourage the reader to do just that.


Born and brought up in London, Joan moved to Ireland on her marriage and now lives in Moira, Co. Down. The only break in a long teaching career was the 9 years spent Church Planting in France with Baptist Missions. From an early age she has loved writing and now, in retirement is devoting more time to it. Five books already published, and hopefully more to come! Joan has three children, seven grandchildren and a great-grandson.