For the Display of His Splendor: Stepping Out to Meet the Needs of Our Generation

by Amilliah Kenya

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781649601209

190 pages

Price: $16.99

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Is your heart touched by the emotional distress, mental illness, hopelessness, despair, addiction, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and fatigue that characterizes our day? Within the foundations of despair and hopelessness is the cry, “Can someone help me? Can someone call on God for me?”
God is not deaf to the cries of this generation—He created you with this generation in mind. He is counting on you to step out and meet the needs of this day and age. He has equipped you for the difficult times ahead. Allow God to guide and to work through you. Display His splendor to those around you.


Amilliah is a college professor whose passion is to point believers to a closer walk with God so they live significant and meaningful lives that impact this generation. Amilliah has authored Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, Back to God for Healing, The Power of a Woman, God’s Presence the Missing Something, and Laying a Godly Legacy. She speaks in conferences, schools, colleges, churches, and different groups to men, women, and young people. Amilliah lives in South Carolina with her family. Learn more about Amilliah at or