Free on the Inside: God’s Grace in Unexpected Places

by Martin Tuson

Genres: Biography

ISBN: 9781620201114

130 pages

Price: $11.99

Freedom is a concept with many aspects. There is the freedom to think, speak and act, within reasonable laws, without fear of unjust punishment. If you break the law sufficiently, prison deprives you of physical freedom.

Freedom of the human spirit is very different, and is relatively independent of time and place. It has to do with our internal world – whether we experience life in exuberant freedom or in a miserable personal prison. It depends on how we relate to God’s original intention for humanity.

You may be physically free, but not free on the inside. On the other hand you may be in a prison cell, yet have become free on the inside. This book aims to show that you can be free on the inside, in every sense.

It all depends on whether you accept or reject the grace of God. While some people start with all the advantages in life and miss the goal, others, as described here, the hopeless cases, experience true freedom and happiness.

It happens in the most unexpected places and unpromising circumstances, but it can happen to anyone – you – when you let God lead the way.


Robb Alcorn spent most of his working life as a teacher of modern languages, and latterly, before retirement, as a lecturer in computer science. Having lived in Coalburn, Lanarkshire since 1984, his involvement in audio and video production for various organisations continues, as does his regular voluntary work in various capacities at the local old people’s home. From the age of about nine, due in large measure to his mother’s faithfulness, he knew about and committed himself to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It was only much later, at the age of 25, that he came to a fuller realisation of the New Testament’s description of Christian experience. In this respect the similarity of his experience to that of Martin has proved an invaluable asset in the task of bringing Martin’s story to the reading public.