More Than His God Card: What Jesus Wants You to Know About Him as Revealed in His Miracles

by Brian Onken

Genres: Bible Study & Devotionals, Christian Living, Inspirational, Ministry

ISBN: 9781620202760

352 pages

Price: $14.99

Many readers of the Bible assume that when Jesus did a miracle it was, fundamentally, to prove that He was God—Jesus was pulling out His “God Card.” What is startling is that Jesus never made the case that this was the primary purpose of His miracles.

What if Jesus was intending to reveal something different, something more, something beyond merely proving His identity? Seeing as Jesus’ miracles were such a significant part of His ministry, if we miss what His miracles do reveal, we may be missing out on great insights into the One who loves us and came to rescue us.

Like the restoration of a great Old Master’s painting, Brian leads his readers to a fresh vision of what is conveyed in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ miracles. Uncovering what is there, in the text, we see the miracles in a reinvigorated, vibrant way. You will never read about the miracles in the same way . . . and you will catch a renewed and compelling glimpse of Jesus.

Endorsements for More Than His God Card:

Brian accurately and skillfully helps us to understand and appreciate the meaning of Jesus’ miracles. It’s profoundly encouraging to apply these truths to our lives. After reading this book, you’ll never look at the miracles of Jesus the same.
—David K. Hodge, Senior Vice President for North American Ministries, Walk Thru the Bible

If joyful, original, logical, and clear enlargement of mind about the miracles of Jesus grabs your interests, this is your book.
—Gayle Erwin, author of The Jesus Style

Insightful and convicting, this book is a great resource and is most definitely worth the read! Its examination of Jesus’ miracles takes you to a deeper understanding of His character as you are drawn into these incredible stories. Expect new insights and a new perspective you may not have seen before.
—Matt Williams, author and Teaching Pastor/Directional Leader, Grace Church, Greenville, South Carolina


Brian is a Bible teacher, first and foremost. He is committed to helping others encounter Jesus, as He is presented in the Scriptures, for their ever-increasing joy in Him. With over thirty years of pastoral and teaching experience and holding advanced degrees in both New Testament studies and Theology, Brian brings a scholar’s vision and a disciple’s passion to this study of Jesus’ miracles.