Going Home

Going Home: Meditations on Finishing the Race

by J.D. Ashcroft

Genres: Christian Living, Grief

ISBN: 9781935507031

72 pages

Price: $9.99

Death is the one experience we all have in common. It is the one reality which we try to avoid but are forced to face. We should prepare for death as faithfully as we would prepare for the birth of a child. These meditations are written to encourage and strengthen the faith of believers as they face death, the gateway to eternal life. God’s Word is a great source of comfort during all the trials of life. In these simple Scriptural meditations, the author has sought to help the believer prepare to meet their Lord. It is a book for terminally ill patients, pastors, care-givers, and all who would follow the advice of Luther, who counseled that we should prepare for death while we are living, that when we are dying, we may embrace eternal life.


J.D. Ashcroft is a pastor with a PhD in religious studies. During his pastoral and academic career, he has had extensive ministry in caring for terminally-ill patients. He has lectured and written academic articles on a range of subjects.