Good Morning, Beautiful: Winning the Battle Over Seizures

by Paulette George

Genres: Biography, Inspirational

ISBN: 9781935507123

224 pages

Price: $12.99

At two-and-a-half, Christina was autistic. She didn’t speak and had the cognitive ability of an infant. With one hundred seizures a day, her life was being ripped away by a relentless villain—epilepsy. When doctors gave up, we hung on to hope and became her advocates—researching, praying, and believing for a miracle. A special diet, with roots in scripture, became the first miracle. Christina proved nothing is impossible when she repeated words to a song, “Good Morning Beautiful.” Extremely delayed, it was a huge milestone. Her story caught the attention of the national recording artist who recorded the song and prior to brain surgery, people around the world began praying for her. Now seizure and autism free, therapists cite services are no longer needed as Christina’s file doesn’t match the patient.



Paulette George is a wife, mother, and writer on a mission to make a difference. Through her writing she shares life stories of heart-rending battles and faith. It is a theme she knows well. Having been drawn out of a “pit” herself, Paulette reveals how grace changes lives. She is active in the fight against childhood epilepsy as well as being a contributing writer for Moms In Touch Wisconsin. She and her husband, Larry, have been married for seventeen years and have two children, Matthew and Christina.