Great Invitations

by David Whitcomb

Genres: Ministry

ISBN: 9781932307931

313 pages

Price: $16.99

Evangelists must be careful to maintain a delicate balance. What devout Christian does not long to see sinners converted and brought into the Church? It is hard to imagine a person who has been redeemed from the power and penalty of sin, not desiring for other needy people to come to same salvation. However, it is possible for sincere Christians to be so zealous about soul-winning that they virtually attempt to force sinners to embrace Jesus Christ as Savior. In contrast, there are Christians who have been so discouraged by soul-winning failures that they have given up trying, and are determined to let God save who He will without their help. Both of these positions are out of balance and result in failure. What does God say about evangelism? What part does He play? What does He expect His people to do? The Bible records many wonderful invitations from God to needy people. These invitations offer insight into God’s plans and purposes. The great invitations of the Bible demonstrate the great grace of God who offers them.


David Whitcomb is Senior Pastor at Community Baptist Church in Greer, South Carolina. He has ministered in this position since founding the church in 1995. He and his wife Patty are parents to three sons, who along with their wives, are also serving in fulltime ministry or preparing for ministry. David Whitcomb has also authored, True Worship and You are the Christ.