Hard Sayings: Reconciling the Cost of Discipleship and the American Dream

by Joshua West

Genres: Christian Living

ISBN: 9781620207116

158 pages

Price: $15.99

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“A blockbuster of a message to the church and to preachers . . . ”
-Don Wilkerson, President, Teen Challenge, Inc.

Can American Christianity really reconcile itself to the hard sayings of Jesus and the teaching of Scripture, or have we invented a version suitable for mass consumption that agrees with our Western ideas of fairness, our so-called rights, and the all-important American dream?
In order to make God approachable, have we left out the parts of the New Testament we don’t like?
Is there a cost to being a disciple of Jesus?
How do we reconcile the teachings of the Jesus we find in Scripture with the American Jesus we have created?

In Hard Sayings: Reconciling the Cost of Discipleship and the American Dream, pastor and international speaker Joshua West considers these questions and more, and he compares the parables, teachings, and person of Jesus Christ found in Scripture against the pop culture Jesus we have invented in the West.

Looking at the entertainment-driven, celebrity culture of the American church, West challenges the reader to reconcile what the Bible calls the cost of discipleship with the American dream.


Joshua West is an Assembly of God Minister. He currently serves as the Pastor and Program Manager of Sonrise Adult and Teen Challenge in Cache, Oklahoma. He partners in life and ministry with his wife and best friend, Kiara. Their goal is to preach the gospel to all people and bring glory to the name of Jesus.