Have I Ever Told You?: Thoughts and Reminiscences of a Beloved Mother

by Sylvia Lindsay

Genres: Memoir

ISBN: 9781620207239

228 pages

Price: $15.99

It presents a most difficult task to write of a dear mother who has been blessed with a long stay on this earth, whose life has touched so many people in all walks of life, a life of contrasts, a sparkling stream could soon be a storm-tossed sea.

Born in a town enjoying the hustle and bustle of urban life, only seeing as far as the house opposite, or living in the country thrilling with every breath of pure fresh air with a glorious vista for miles around. Delivering milk in streets where poverty was rife, seeing the troubled wife whose husband had drunk the last penny, with crying hungry children clinging to her skirt or what was left of it, or tending the tennis and croquet lawns of the landed gentry with their exquisite manners and prancing horses and carriages.

Living and working amongst those who had no faith or attending places of worship with those who loved the Lord with all their heart. Going down on her knees to be on the same level as a little child to persuade him to say a Sunday School anniversary piece or standing up to the farmers who persistently allowed their cattle to graze her pastures and tried to steal her sheep.

Keeping a lone vigil shedding silent tears pleading with her Lord and nursing her own beloved child fighting for his last breath or taking on manual farm labour to earn enough to enable her own children to one day farm their own land. Making and mending clothes for those without means to buy essential garments or dining at the table of titled gentry.

Such was the life of Vera Emmeline Charter, born in 1910. Her life continuously reflected in the words of her favorite verse. It was not just the words she knew; it was her Saviour: Oh my Redeemer, What a Friend Thou art to me! Oh what a refuge I have found in Thee! When the way was dreary, and my heart was sore oppressed, Twas Thy voice that lulled me, to a calm sweet rest.