Hidden in Irish Hills

by Mary Cates

Genres: Contemporary, End Time, Fiction

ISBN: 9781649601087

240 pages

Price: $17.99

Real estate tycoon Rachael Carson knows what’s coming when a mob of radical government leaders threaten to take over the world’s financial system.

Abandoning her New York penthouse and moving to her mansion at Irish Hills, she plots to save her wealth and rescue homeless victims who fall prey to the evil dictates of an advancing world takeover. Taking on enormous risks with the help of her beloved employee, Maggie, she launches a top-secret plan to escape tyranny and help persecuted victims find their way to her mansion.

Will they survive in a world gone mad?


Mary Cates has enjoyed several careers throughout her lifetime – school nurse, proprietor of an antique shop, freelance writing, and published author. She and her husband are members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, where she serves as an ordained Deacon. She enjoys her home in Monroe, Michigan, with her husband, on an eighteen-hole golf course surrounded with beautiful homes and villas. Mary enjoys keeping up with the latest world news and blogging on her website to share her spirit and her talents. She is the proud grandmother of two grandsons.