Hobomok and Thanksgiving

by Rebekka Parry

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Illustrated Books

ISBN: 9781620209318

32 pages

Price: $12.99

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What happened to the Pilgrims after the first Thanksgiving?

Hobomok and Thanksgiving introduces Hobomok, a Wampanoag leader and friend of the Pilgrims, and shows the struggles that still confronted the new colony. It also gives a glimpse of the first Thanksgiving and recounts the miraculous events that led to the second recorded Thanksgiving, from Hobomok’s perspective.

Readers will witness God’s answer to prayer and the life-altering impact it had on the Pilgrims—and Hobomok as well.


Hobomok and Thanksgiving is a well-told story of a little known event revealing much about the faith of the Pilgrims and why they set aside Days of Thanksgiving. I highly commend this work by Rebekka Parry which will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.”
—Stephen McDowell
President, Providence Foundation

“In a time when our faith is being persistently attacked by secularists, Rebekka Parry tells a story of faith our children, and adults, need to hear. I hope this will be one of many more stories that will help awaken our people to their Godly heritage and turn their faces back toward God.”
—Dr. Rick Saccone
Former State Representative in Pennsylvania, speaker,
and author of God in our Government


Rebekka Parry grew up near the Coastal Mountains in British Columbia. She met her husband, Dan, in Northeast Pennsylvania. She enjoys homeschooling and all the adventures a large family brings. Rebekka is passionate about sharing God’s Hand in history with kids of all ages. She loves writing and homeschooling in a rural setting.