Hollywood is Not Home: A Novel

by Annmarie M. Roberts

Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance

ISBN: 9781649600745

264 pages

Price: $16.99

Would you trade fame for privacy?

Movie star Maggie Malone has a glamorous lifestyle with everything money can buy―except privacy. Hounded by the paparazzi and ridiculed for her faith, Maggie secretly struggles with severe anxiety and loneliness. All she desires is to be herself—southern girl by birth, ranch lover by heart.

When an anonymous benefactor invites Maggie to participate in a secret project, will her hopelessness find a new direction? Or will she become another celebrity travesty? What if she discovers Hollywood is not Home? Her faith, family, love, and future hang in the balance . . .


I have long believed that if you can tell a great story, you earn the right to share your message, and the best life-lessons come from the best stories. Within these pages, you are going to take a journey with Annmarie and discover a lot about her, but even more, you are going to discover who you are and who you are meant to be.
Jim Stovall
Best-selling author, The Ultimate Gift

Hollywood Is Not Home is a gift. The ease of digesting the content is remarkable. I haven’t felt so close to a story’s characters. Their developing is so subtle and down to earth, I begged for more.
Projecting the outcome of this story was impossible . . . waiting for the surprises, of which there are many.
Annmarie’s approach to Southernism rings soft and true. One can hear the gentile South and feel the dynamics of a family and community who love each other.
A story well written. I look forward to the sequel.
Gale B. Crawford
Award-Winning Woman Leader in Business,
Keynote Speaker and Seminar Leader for Women’s Issues,
Retired Board Member of Financial and Educational Institutions

It is easy to say that we would never be Maggie, but how can we know if our Christian roots are deep enough until something begins to tear us from them? Roberts gives us plenty of reason to ponder on what it means to be true to oneself, to one’s values―and most importantly, to one’s Lord.
Dr. Tom LeGrand
University Chaplain and Professor


Annmarie M. Roberts is a professional freelance script writer, copywriter, and author. Born in Ohio, Annmarie is the baby of nine children. After moving west and spending many years living in the City of Lights, Las Vegas, Nevada, Annmarie, her husband, and two children migrated to South Carolina. Embracing the food loving, faith praising, and soul-filled sweet people of the South, Annmarie was finally home.