by Josephine Walker

Genres: Fiction, Suspense

ISBN: 9781620202845

304 pages

Price: $15.99

An amazing story of courage and character that you will not want to put down.

After two and a half years of deep depression, anger at God, and guilt over the death of her husband and twin girls, all bestselling romance writer Jessica Lynn Morgan wants is to buy a house, get back to writing, and live out her life alone in peace. And the little town of Hope, Wyoming, seems to offer the peace she needs.

Or does it?

Unfortunately, her dream house is rumored to be haunted. Not one to believe in ghosts, she fights for any logical explanation for the things happening that seem to warn her off. Once she moves in, the threat against her life becomes real. Clearly, someone or something wants her out.


Will her stubbornness cost Jessica her life?


Josephine Walker resides in Powell, Wyoming. Hope is her second book, and first in her suspense series. She also authored Willing to Die: The True Story of John Muntean. Originally from Oregon, Jo loves the wide open spaces of Wyoming, where she spends free time with her family. She enjoys reading, photographing Yellowstone National Park, and traveling to far away places.